Youtube Thunder APK 4.0 Download Free Latest 2023

Youtube Thunder APK 4.0 Download Free Latest 2023

Hello TechyPure Readers, if you are looking for normal Youtube mod then Youtube Thunder APK is best this application is developed or modified by sam which was also the developer of Youtube Pro. This is also the closed project from the sam and based on vanced and revanced projects. There are premium features are available which are provided by Youtube premium version.

What us Youtube Thunder APK ?

Youtube Thunder APK is another modified version of Youtube from the Sam. There are all the features of Youtube premium available including no ads and background play. Youtube is very important mostly of the users which means it is the best and ultimate source of entertainment, education and many more. so people hate many ads which are available in every video but they are useful for creators. No problem android is the open source you can use Youtube Thunder APK in your device which this you can play videos in background and in Picture in Picture Mode too. Read its all features below.

No Ads or Sponsor Block

This is the main feature of Youtube Thunder or any Youtube Mod that feature is No Ads or Sponsor Block this is very useful features. Many users arehate many ads in every video so you can use this features by this you can not see any ads in video, General ads and Homescreen Ads. All the ads are blocked by the Sponsor Block You can enable or disable it from the Youtube Thunder Settings.

Background Play & PIP Mode

After No Ads these two are the important features which are background play and PIP Mode means Picture in Picture Mode. These Both are also the features of Youtube Premium. In the Background Play you can save your data while playing songs you can listen with screen off. Picture in Picture mode like Multi Window Mode except Samsung Devices you can not split in multi window. But In this application you can split in multi window or in Mini Window.

How to Login with MicroG

Many users are not able to login in Modded Youtube but this is very simple to login you just need Vanced MicroG. First you have to install Vanced MicroG Then Youtube Thunder App. Vanced MicroG prevent it from crashing and used for login your google account easily. After Installing the both just click on sign in and Add your google account.

Login with Vanced MicroG is Safe ?

Yes, this is completely safe you can use MicroG for Login.

Youtube Thunder Alternatives

Youtube Thunder APK is very old mod and some times same does not provides its updates time to time, There is an alternative from sam which is Youtube Pro. But if you need best and time to time updates also with Black Amoled Theme and Premium logo. Then use Youtube ReVanced this is the best and open project of by ReVanced Devs on Github. After the Vanced it is become popular day by day.

NameYoutube Thunder APK
Latest Version4.0
Requires 4.0

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