Youtube ReVanced APK 18.43.45 Download Latest Free 2023

Youtube ReVanced APK

If You are looking for Vanced Alternative Then Youtube ReVanced APK is best for you. This application provides all features like vanced and it is the unofficial version of vanced this is developed by ReVanced Devs. it comes with Amoled Theme, Sponsorblock, PIP and Background Play. Read all about this application in details below if any of friend is looking for this then share to your friends.

What is Youtube ReVanced APK ?

Youtube ReVanced APK is very popular after vanced and this is the best alternative of vanced project with same features like No Ads, PIP and Background Play. Youtube ReVanced APK provides all premium featured Like Picture in Picture Mode and Background Play. One of the reason of using this is Sponsorblock which means there is no ads in any video. Premium Header Logo like youtube premium version. Same as before Vanced MicroG is used for Login the google account.

Youtube ReVanced APK

After update youtube hide the counts of Dislike but if you enable from revanced settings name as return youtube dislike count then you can see the counts of dislike. Also reads its all feature in details below.

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Background Play & Sponsorblock

There is no ads ion any videos and all type of ads are blocked you can enable to disable from its settings it comes with by default enabled. You can enjoy more feature Like background Play this will use when you listening any song. PIP Mode means picture in picture mode which is also the Premium Feature in this your video play in mini player or in multi window video by this you can do any other tasks while watching videos.

Login Using MicroG

Many users are want to Login their Google account because they want there subscribed Creator videos and more. No worries, Login is very easy Like Vanced you just need MicroG For Login Install this Then Go to ReVanced Settings Then in MicroG option just add your google account and enjoy.

Youtube ReVanced APK

Useful Features & Interface

Here Like Vanced You will see the Amoled Theme which saves battery and works with any refresh rate according to your device. There are many useful features which makes your watching experience easy Like You can control your brightness and Volume Like MX Player and VLC Player. It Also allow you to override codec. You are able to force 60 fps or HDR playback to be turned off. Now you can openYoutube links inside the Youtube ReVanced APK.


If you already user or used vanced and searching for its alternative then Youtube ReVanced APK best because it comes with all features which was available in vanced like Amoled Dark Black Theme, PIP and Background Play, Sponsorblock, Return Dislike counts. Go for ReVanced if you need these features or you can say that if you need Youtube Premium Features then use ReVanced. This is only the best trusted Alternative of Vanced Project.

NameYoutube ReVanced
Latest Version18.43.45
Requires 5.1

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