ReVanced Manager APK Download Latest Version Free 2022

ReVanced Manager APK Download Latest Version Free 2022

What is ReVanced Manager APK ?

ReVanced Manager APK is use to patch other apps such as YouTube, YouTube Music, Reddit, Twitter, TikTok, and more. which means You can remove ads from these apps which are mentioned i know many people want clean interface without any problem and many people does not want to see more ads in their application like YT ReVanced You can also make ReVanced version of Twitter and much more apps. In Further Updates You see more application options.

You can also enable download features and do much more like Remove All types of Ads Like General ads and video ads, Fix many issue, add custom header which means convert Premium icon Logo on YT add swipe features in YT, options are different in different application.

ReVanced Manager APK Download Latest Version Free 2022

Key Features of ReVanced Manager APK

  • Patch YT, YT Music, Reddit, Twitter, TikTok and More.
  • Install on already installed package.
  • Dark Mode Available.
  • You can also fix many features.
  • Enable Download Feature.
  • Add Premium Logo Branding.
  • Much More.
NameReVanced Manager
Latest Version0.0.13
DeveloperReVanced Team
Requires 5.1

How to use ReVanced Manager APK ?

This is very easy to use ReVanced Manager APK and easy to understand its user interface.

  • You just need to Open application.
  • Then Go to Patcher Option.
  • Then Select Application and then click on selected patches.
  • After that you will se what you want to tick or untick according to your choice.
  • After that click on Patch.


Many People want this features and they own want to do this and it comes with easy understanding interface. They can do in their own ways. Size is also small that why it able to use in low end devices too Many People are using this you can also give a try and share your feedback in our comment section.

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