MT Manager APK v2.13.5 (Clone) Download Latest Free 2023

MT Manager APK

Hello Friends, if you are searching for simple to Advanced level File Manager Then, MT Manager APK is best. It provides all features of file manager normally but also has extra features for developers. It provides two versions first is normal and another is Clone version. Please read all about MT Manager APK Below in details.

What is MT Manager APK ?

MT Manager APK is the one of the advanced file manager tool by which you can easily manage your file and do your daily task. It has many extra features which are not available in any other file manager like you can easily extract and compress any type of file. There are many inbuilt application features like plugin manager, color picker and terminal which means you don’t need any other application for doing these stuffs.

MT Manager APK

There are two windows in the MT Manager APK which makes this file manager unique. These two windows are very useful you can do very fast task like copy, move and more from one column window to another. These two column layout are very useful you can easily manage your all files.

Easy to use

This file manager is very easy to use in terms of simple stuffs but its extra features are hard like terminal, Dex Editor, xml editor and other stuffs. But in simple way it is easy to use where you can easily compress, decompress, copy, move and access all files and folders in very better way. It has the text editor too by which you can create your notes and edit anytime at anywhere and this us very useful. This is one of the most advanced file manager for our android device.

Inbuilt App Supports

MT Manager APK has inbuilt supports for media which means you can easily open images and videos without any external video player and image viewer. You can also listen music with inbuilt audio player in MT Manager. It provides mostly all the environment for media and it is not depends on other application. These can help in performance which means no need for extra apps for these stuffs you can easily open any media from MT Manager. It also has txt and pdf viewer and other files opening viewer like in below screenshot.

MT Manager APK

Advanced Access Files

You can easily access your Root directory of your device storage. As you know android is open source and applied skin with different brands so you can easily see the root directory and files in the root folder related to app data and system folders and files but it is only for advanced users not for normal users. you can also download from it official website by clicking here.


If you need the all in one file manager with advanced and extra features then MT Manager APK if one of the best file manager for you. You can go with the MT Manager it provides all features with perfect two column layout where you can easily manage all files and folders. In terms of advanced you can access root folder and files also edit dex files and more it is for developers not for normal users.

NameMT Manager APK
Latest Version2.13.5
Requires 5.1

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