[Fouad Snap] FMSnapchat APK v1.70 Download Latest Free 2023

Fouad Snap APK

If you are searching for Snapchat mod then, FMSnapchat APK is for you. In this application there are extra lot of features which are not available in snapchat. Read its all features in details below if you like this then, also share with your friends who are searching for this type of application.

What is FMSnapchat APK

FMSnapchat APK is the first snapchat mod and this application is modified and developed by FMMODS which are also the developed of FM/Fouad WhatsApp. FMSnap is the best mod version where you can see the extra features which are not availanle on official snapchat. All the features are related to privacy which are also available on Fouad WhatsApp which are related to conversation it also provides extra features related to snap which are very important features read its all features below.

Fouad Snap APK

Snap Privacy Features

FMSnapchat APK allow you to secret screenshot and screen recording without knowing the person. which means now you can able to take screenshots and screen recording without knowing the person both are features are useful and both features can be enable and disable at anytime from the FMSnap settings.

Save Also Hide View Snap & Story

Many users want that to hide their name from snap view and story view like FMWhatsapp, no worries you can hide view story and view snap. You able to auto save snap just enable this feature from settings. These snap and story features are very useful for your privacy by this you will be anonymous.

Conversation Privacy Features

There are lot of conversation features like now you able to hide online in chat, hide typing in chat there is also the feature of secret typing which means you can send messages without notify the person. Hide read messages and this is best features by this person not able to know the message has been seen or not, you can on and off these particular features from the settings, all these features are very important.


This is Best application if you want extra privacy features then use this application. This is the first snapchat mod which is developed by FMMODS which is the great and trusted developer, FMWhatsApp also developed by Fouad which is also used by millions of users so don’t worry about privacy. In this application you can see that there are many privacy related to conversation, snap and story. So use this application this is best with best privacy features.

NameFMSnapchat APK
Latest Version1.70
Requires 5.1

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